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Sunset can be a daily party time. Get engaged with a not so elegant scramble through the home as sun waltzes off to the western end of the planet – grown-ups, children, dogs, and animated yoga mats all in the struggle to reach the rooftop first.

The bright yoga mats bobbing up and down in the racing alleyways or stairs are just as excited for this party. They both bounce with the same amount of vigor. Possible Surya Namaskars have transferred the energy to them!

It is said that the goal of yoga is to achieve self-union. What has happened here is a family union! Three generations on the roof, giggling with delight as we work our way through various levels of difficulty while still competing.

During the daily yoga session, the roles get reversed. The family’s youngest yoga lover takes delight in outdoing grandma on a daily basis. She’s finished all her yoga asanas and two rounds of Surya Namaskars, and sits patiently with hands on hips, watching her 50-year-old grandma do the same. Grandma generally has plenty of opportunities during the day to assist him with practically all of her other activities. As they sit in the golden sunset and stretch out in yoga asanas, both grandma and granddaughter detect the smile of fellowship in one other’s eyes. Yoga asanas are graceful, free-flowing dance moves that everyone – dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, siblings, kids, and their friends – can do.

As soon as the dogs detect the joy in the air, they leap to their feet. They gallop and prance around, demanding a piece of the action. A little meditation practise as the sun sets acts as a preservative for the enjoyment that is so enjoyed.

There is a sense of love and serenity in the air. Every day, the rush up to stretch and breathe, soon find smiles, giggles, and playing in a circle of love. It’s not a matter of words. The physical and mental bodies are charged by breathing and yoga asanas. The entire universe comes crashing down!

There are no restrictions on props, no restrictions on locating the appropriate place, and no restrictions on when to have a yoga party. It can happen whenever we felt like it, before a meal, with whoever is home, or you can settle for a sunset yoga party every day.

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