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Warmer weather, vacations, road trips, barbecuing, and typically a little additional time with loved ones are all reasons to enjoy the summer. However, no other season instills such fear in some of us, particularly when the word “bathing suit” is mentioned.

This fear or anxiety is a vexing sensation. It can cause us to miss out on doing things we enjoy simply because we spend so much time thinking about what if situations and circling around in our heads that we give up on the idea entirely. We are concerned about what others may say or think, and this can happen to anyone, at any time, and over anything. Many women get swimsuit anxiety as the weather warms up. Instead of being ecstatic to be able to go to the water park, the beach, or the pool, they are preoccupied with how they will look in a swimsuit, what others will think, what kind of suit they will be able to wear, and a slew of other concerns.

Confidence is a powerful feeling that doesn’t come from going to the gym or changing your appearance. It comes from accepting and embracing your entire body, including faults and stretch marks! It could also come from getting to know yourself and figuring out what makes you feel most confident, allowing you to feel at ease in your own skin.

You must work on yourself from the inside out once you have gained the confidence feeling. It’s nearly hard to create the normal beauty appearance we see in magazines with Photoshop, and why would you want to? Every body is beautiful, and we understand how difficult it is to think that when society tells you otherwise, but you have to believe it. Even though you don’t always like certain elements of your body, you must recognize that you are a beautiful person on the inside and out.

Finally, finding the appropriate swimwear might make you feel more confident. You can choose a bikini, one piece swimsuit, Burkini, full cover, half cover showing curves and Stretch Marks or not! It is all up to you. Some women prefer a more modest outfit and would rather go for shorts or T-shirt kind of outfit. Other women would rather have a sexy outfit as might be done by some models of current image.

We have complete power over what we put in our bodies, what we wear, and how we feel, so do things that make you feel beautiful on the inside and out. Everyone has their own particular confidence boosters, so play around with them and see what works best for you, whether it’s gorgeous clothing or a new hairstyle. Whatever it is, take care of yourself, and your self-confidence will grow with each passing day

The process of overcoming anxiety is not easy or quick. No one wakes up feeling secure and at ease in their own skin or with how they appear. But you can at least choose a place to begin your quest where you feel confident and at ease, right?


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